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Please feel free to check out some of the links below. 

These are some of the sellers and manufactures that I support. 

Many of them 

Del Quadro Custom Trumpets - Mike is the maker of my trumpet, the Del Quadro Grizzly. My horn has been customized with a reversed sleeved lead pipe. It's the best horn that I've played and I love it. He also does great repair work and at a very reasonable price. 


Austin Custom Brass - Store owned by Trent Austin, a fine musician and a seller of fine brass instruments. 


Torpedo Bags - Makers of some of the finest cases. Made in the USA. I use their Coyote Case with the "Snarl" lid. 

Kanstul Instruments - Based out of Anaheim, CA. They make quality brass instruments. I use their 1525 flugelhorn.


James R. New Mouthpieces - James R. New is a master at mouthpiece making. He has recently gone into business for himself after working for decades at Kanstul. I currently play his S5 series for both trumpet and flugel.

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